​Greece Gives Tom Hanks and His Family Honorary Citizenship

​Greece Gives Tom Hanks and His Family Honorary Citizenship
Tom Hanks has been spending his summers on the Greek island of Antiparos as of late, and he can continue to spend as much time as he wants in the country, according to the government. It has offered him honorary citizenship.
Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos's proposal to offer Hanks and his family citizenship has been confirmed and co-signed by the Greek interior minister as of today.
The order claims that Hanks was instrumental in helping the recovery effort, following the deadly Attica Fires in 2018.
The government document states, "The Hanks family gave a signal all over the world for immediate relief actions to help our fire-stricken fellow citizens."
Greek law allows honorary naturalization to be granted to people "who have provided exceptional services to the country or whose naturalization serves the public interest."
This particular order has also extended the offer to Hanks's wife Rita Wilson (who is of Greek and Bulgarian descent), and their sons Chester and Truman.
Now that tweet Hanks sent out at the top of the year makes a lot more sense. See him embracing his new Greek status below.