Jenny Berkel "Sleep/Arlington" on Exclaim! TV

Jenny Berkel 'Sleep/Arlington' on Exclaim! TV
Since the release of her 2012 debut album, Here on a Wire , Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has been making a name for herself as a seasoned pro in the folk world, despite her newcomer status. On a recent trip through Toronto, we invited her to the Exclaim! office to show off some new material.

A quick trip to her website or her bandcamp page will get you access to her latest release "Like a Rope," but for this segment of Exclaim! TV, she performed her brand new track "Sleep/Arlington." The performance, accompanied by Kristen Berkel on autoharp and Julian Bradford on bass, evince the familiar warm yet ghostly style she is known for.

Watch Jenny Berkel's live performance of "Sleep/Arlington" below.