Jenny Hoyston Isle Of

This solo effort from Erase Errata’s Jenny Hoyston is a pins-and-needles whirlwind into folk "fuck you!” oeuvres and unnerving, temperamental minimalist meltdowns. Hoyston’s career to this point has shown her to be a multi-faceted artist, whether it’s sliding into her psych-noise side-project Paradise Island or the improvisational post-punk offerings of Erase Errata, and Isle Of encompasses Hoyston’s diverse sensibilities. It’s an album that plays on multiple personalities, placing the fatalistic whisper that is "Break Apart, Reattach” alongside the dizzyingly driven "I Don’t Need ’Em,” which is a fiercely drilling rant built on a barebones structure. "Even In This Day and Age” is yet another departure, this time trailing into grassroots folk tinged with the aesthetic of a ’60s protest song, delving into Hoyston’s previous alt-country duets with William Elliott Whitmore. Isle Of doesn’t only act as a poignant summary of Hoyston’s known sensibilities but sprouts off in new directions at every turn, making Hoyston’s solo effort all the more daring with every listen. (Southern)