Junius Junius

Picking up from where they left off with their debut EP, Junius return with an immaculate album that somehow simultaneously devastates the listener while also fuelling adrenaline delirium. Dominated by rainy washes of moody guitars that morph into huge, towering structures to support sharp, climactic pangs, Junius’s self-titled full-length is a brutally progressive wave of dark facets and rapturous desolation. With the release of the band’s debut EP came fast comparisons to such heavyweights as the Cure and Joy Division, but this full-length should be the piece of pure brilliance that finds this band claiming territory all their own, which seems to be a place Junius are happy to go. This is a band that not only push musical boundaries but delve into the isolation that comes with spending substantial time in secluded places, like a Vermont farmhouse or a small room in the Louisiana swamps. With this record, however, Junius should only find themselves being pushed further into the foreground. (Radar)