Soundtrack for Elijah Wood's 'Maniac' Gets Release via Death Waltz

Soundtrack for Elijah Wood's 'Maniac' Gets Release via Death Waltz
Once again, UK imprint Death Waltz Recording Company has unveiled plans to issue some creepy movie music, this time for Elijah Wood's 2012 scalp-seeking remake of Maniac. Various vinyl editions arrive next Wednesday (June 26).

A press release notes that the '80s-style synth score by Rob is "moody, mournful and has a very human heartbeat underneath its analogue body." While primarily performed by Rob, UK singer/multi-instrumentalist Chloe Alper collaborated with the composer for closing elector-pop jam "Juno," which you can listen to at the bottom of the page. You can see the tracklist in full down below.

The album is being pressed as three versions: 1,000 copies as a picture disc edition, 500 on flesh-coloured vinyl with blood splatter, and 350 copies pressed onto silver steel wax with blood splatter. The latter two versions feature an album jacket incorporates "full colour UV technology on silver lamination." which gives the art a "mirror effect." All versions come with a 12x12 art print.

Death Waltz is currently taking pre-orders on its website; however, this edition is not available in the U.S. and France. In the U.S., Mondo will handle the release. Canadians can pick up either version.

In other Death Waltz news, the label just released its much-anticipated deluxe vinyl repress of John Carpenter's The Fog soundtrack. However, if you didn't already snag a copy, you may be out of luck, as it sold out in no time.


Side 1:

1. Doll
2. Haunted
3. Bells
4. Haunted Piano
5. headache
6. Floor light
7. Haunted Sequence

Side 2:

1. Slow Machine
2. Floor
3. Maze
4. Headache City
5. Wedding Maze
6. Haunted (Alternate Version)
7. Boum
8. Juno (ft. Chloe Alper)