Graham Clark JFL42, Toronto ON, September 22

Graham Clark JFL42, Toronto ON, September 22
"This is a nice gig," Graham Clark smiled humbly, then disclosed that he was grateful for the show that night because in the past he's also performed at raffles and other weird places that are not ideal for standup.
From now on, Graham Clark deserves nothing but "nice gigs." A teddy bear of a man, Clark is scruffy, warm and naturally funny. You feel like he's your friend minutes after he walks on stage, and like any good friend, you don't want him to leave when he tells you he has to go.
Mainly comprised of anecdotes, Clark's hour included everything from a tale about ordering from the laziest pizza place in Tofino to a summary of what he'd just done earlier that day. Whether he was doing traditional standup or making jokes based on a slideshow of silly things he'd seen, in a segment he called "Instagraham," Clark's comedy was well-constructed while still feeling spontaneous, and it filled the room with contagious joy and occasional belly laughs.
The opener for this show was another man named Graham: Todd Graham. His performance was the opposite of Clark's, with its blunt dry humour, but it was just as entertaining. Graham's opening joke where he told everyone to "keep the energy going" with the most deadpan face possible is a bit that magically never gets old, while his line about how his shirt looked like something he would've gotten murdered in 40 years ago was darkly offbeat in its funniness.