Kevin Hart I'm A Grown Little Man

Kevin Hart I'm A Grown Little Man
It's crazy to think that Kevin Hart hasn't always been one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, or the self-proclaimed comedic rock star who sells out football stadiums. Back in 2009, Kevin was simply a budding actor/comedian trying to make his way through the standup circuit whose only claim to fame at the time was his starring role in the critically crucified movie Soul Plane.
I'm A Grown Little Man is Kevin's first filmed standup special — it's simple, honest and particularly on-brand with the rest of Kevin's comedic work in movies and TV. He builds semi-slowly with some funny family introductions and then hits a homerun when describing his daughter's sass regarding juice: "I knew she knew what she was trying to say, she just didn't know how to say it… like, in her mind she was like you black, midget, bitch, get the juice." The crowd howls to the point where he can't help but laugh along.
Kevin's comedy, especially in this special, revolves a lot around his small stature, which borders on redundant but maintains its potency for most of 72 minutes. He fires off jokes about not being able to approach girls because of his short legs and how he can't defend a woman in a fight. He also puts the audience in stiches with his impression of the spineless "yes-man" boyfriend.
As Hart has moved onto larger-than-life standup platforms, I'm A Grown Little Man remains one of his stronger pieces due to its simplicity and consistency.
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