Louis C.K. 2017

Louis C.K. 2017
Recorded during Louis C.K.'s recent and staggeringly great live tour, Louis C.K. 2017 is another artful special by a comedian who continues to make an art of going way, way over the line while still managing, precariously, to come across charming and brilliant.
He opens here with a a bit about abortion, punctuated by his justifications for why women should be able to kill babies and an ingenious rant about how it's clear Christianity "won" religion because everyone everywhere is counting our days using the A.D. system. Yet any descriptions fail to truly capture the nuance and structure and work he puts into conveying these things with absolute precise timing and rhythm. It's a very visceral thing; internal groaning at an out-of-hand joke is masked by involuntary laughter.
Even the thought of C.K. talking about his dad's dick, how junior high dating works, the racist accents he employed to entertain his young daughters, the way Magic Mike has left him confused about his 49 years of sexuality — it all generates more appreciation for this hour.
Physically engaging, intellectually stimulating, and death-defyingly funny, when this is a special for the ages, which we will continue to track using a Christian chronology.

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