Sasheer Zamata Doles Out Hilarious Wisdom The Great Hall, Toronto ON, March 8

Sasheer Zamata Doles Out Hilarious Wisdom The Great Hall, Toronto ON, March 8
Everyone who saw Sasheer Zamata Friday night learned a lot. Like your coolest high school social studies teacher who wasn't afraid to swear, the Saturday Night Live alum was comically doling out lessons left and right.
Charming in her intelligence, Zamata's standup ranged from an analysis of how doctors ignore black women's pain to an explanation of why Amelia Earheart was the Kim Kardashian of aviation. In the time that's passed since her wonderful debut special of peppy personal material, Pizza Mind, Zamata has clearly bloomed into a more reflective comic whose funny takes on larger issues are seriously clever.
Zamata also served as the sex ed teacher we didn't know we needed. Her story about a yeast infection was vividly frank in its funniness, while her feminist rant about why people should explore their vaginas more included a hilarious list of household objects that girls have experimented with. Additionally, her material about why women should explore their bodies also included a tangent about the history of witchcraft that was lewdly fascinating.  
Carol Zoccoli was an amusing opener, with her dramatic story about jumping over a river of diarrhoea in a Winners, but Anasimone George didn't quite meet the same standard. George is totally relatable, with her anecdotes about bloating due to lactose intolerance and struggling to come out to her parents, but her writing lacks detail and barely extends beyond the basic premises of her material. Consequently, her hosting gave the show a bit of a soft start.