Alberto Baldan Bembo's Italian Cult Classic 'L'amica Di Mia Madre' Reissued

The vinyl re-release comes via Sonor Music Editions
Alberto Baldan Bembo's Italian Cult Classic 'L'amica Di Mia Madre' Reissued
Following the stunning reissue of Alberto Baldan Bembo's Lingua D'Argento, Sonor Music Editions has now set its sights on the underrated Italian composer's L'amica Di Mia Madre.

Coming one year previous to 1976's Lingua D'Argento, L'amica Di Mia Madre finds Bembo in a very similar sonic headspace. In fact, the late, great Easy Tempo at one point packaged both albums together as The Smart Set back in 1998, making for the only time either OST had ever been reissued.

For this first-ever standalone vinyl reissue of L'amica Di Mia Madre, Sonor explains the following:

Originally released in 1975, this spellbinding soundtrack by the cult maestro Baldan Bembo is another exotica jewel from the Italian film music golden era. Original music for the erotic drama movie L'amica Di Mia Madre starring Barbara Bouchet & Carmen Villani, and directed by Mauro Ivaldi. Stunning, sophisticated and groovy orchestral themes and arrangements with refined Lounge softcore vibes / soft Jazz and psychedelic cues with tribal, exotic and disco driving moods dopeness. Superior score music alongside the strict partner Lingua D'Argento (SME 54) with dreamy orchestrations and piano Fender / groovy samba beats and bouncing jazz / outstanding bossa styles and bewitching disco strings / Brazilian influenced sound with exquisite tropical suites and so on. Original Italian OST of unique beauty reissued on fresh wax.

Right now, L'amica Di Mia Madre is available to pre-order, with the album set to arrive around July 1. The reissue will be limited to 400 copies on 180-gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. The entire soundtrack has also been remastered by Sonor, and the package includes an A3 poster replica of the original lobby card.

You can stream all of L'amica Di Mia Madre below.

In addition to the new Bembo reissue, Sonor is also releasing a 7-inch by Claudio Tallino, whose incredible Calamo was also recently re-released by the label.

The Tallino 7-inch includes a pair of previously unreleased soundtrack cuts from Spell - Dolce Mattatoio, originally captured in 1977 for a heavily censored erotic thriller by Alberto Cavallone.

Down below, you can also hear the two tracks from the forthcoming release, and pre-order it now. Again, the 7-inch is due out around July 1.

Besides both these vinyl reissues, Sonor also released its very first stand-alone CD release: New & Old Friends by Italian jazz hero Enzo Scoppa. You can learn more about that release here, as well as stream it in full below.