Fuck for Forest Michal Marczak

Fuck for Forest Michal Marczak
Nobel intentions don't amount to squat without a realistic plan of action. The basic idea – film amateur nature porn and make it available online at the cost of a donation – behind bohemian eco-charity-cum-transient-performance-art-troupe Fuck for Forest is certainly a proven method of accumulating funds but how exactly to use those four-hundred thousand (and growing) euros is where these horny, drugged-out idealists have a head on collision with reality.

Polish director Michal Marczak does a great job of remaining an impartial observer, allowing the actions of these over-privileged activists to paint the picture as he follows the core group from Germany to the Amazon.

Since FFF is an NGO, none of the proceeds from members flashing their genitalia next to some shrubbery can be pocketed, leaving the group to rely on further charity from strangers and meagre earnings from "performing."

With a rich voice and a knack for melodic improvisation only one of the members has much musical ability to speak of; the rest rely entirely on confrontational shock tactics to get a rise out of spectators. Most of the crew seem content to party and spread the message that the naked body is beautiful, pointing out how ridiculous it is that showing some skin can be deemed criminal. The specific ecological preservation agenda is pushed by Tommy Hol Ellingsen and co-founder Leona Johansson. Ellingsen means well and can talk a good game but he lacks the know-how to convert optimism and ideals into tangible results.

Due to the nature of the subject matter there's no shortage of explicit nudity and even a little graphic sex but Marczak never exploits the willingness of these free spirits to get pelvic for cheap titillation. Besides, if you still want to see some hippies get thrusty after watching them cavort around like a roving pagan fuck-festival, you can always donate to their indistinct cause.

An intriguing look at the delusions unchecked idealism breeds, file this hot doc under "stranger than fiction." (Against Gravity)