Some Underage Drinker Got Busted with McLovin ID

Seth Rogen: "My work here is done"
Some Underage Drinker Got Busted with McLovin ID
A 20-year-old Iowa man has been caught by police drinking in a bar while underage and in possession of a fake Hawaii ID. Specifically, he was caught with the McLovin ID immortalized by Seth Rogen's 2007 comedy Superbad

When approached by police last week, Daniel Alfredo Burleson would not produce identification to prove his age and was subsequently removed from the bar, the Iowa Press-Citizen reports. Eventually, he did show his real ID, which is when police came to find a copy of the McLovin card — purchased for $15 on Amazon.

The situation came to Rogen's attention yesterday (October 16), and the director has since responded in a tweet, saying "My work here is done."

Burleson now faces the charge of possession of a fictitious licence, among other offences. But as you can see from his mug shot, he seems pretty amused by the whole thing.

Watch a clip of the scene featuring Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Fogell (a.k.a. the real McLovin) below.