Alice Glass Talks Ethan Kath and Her Role in the #MeToo Movement

The former Crystal Castles member has also shed light on her upcoming solo album in a new interview with Zola Jesus
Alice Glass Talks Ethan Kath and Her Role in the #MeToo Movement
Former Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass has been making headlines recently after accusing her former bandmate Ethan Kath of rape and years of abuse. And while Glass explained that Kath's defamation lawsuit against her for speaking out has now been dismissed, she has now addressed her battle with Kath, as well as what she views as her role in the #MeToo movement, in a new interview.

Glass spoke to recently announced tourmate Zola Jesus in a new piece for Interview Magazine, and during the pair's discussion, Zola Jesus asked Glass about the recent situation with Kath.

That section of their conversation reads as follows:

JESUS: Would you be okay talking about the situation with Ethan, or would you rather not cover that?

GLASS: I definitely want to speak about the #MeToo movement and what's been going on and why I wanted to come forward with everything. I feel like who the victimizer is doesn't even matter. I would personally rather hear about the victims than the victimizers. All the women who have found the courage to come forward are inspiring. I really wanted to be a part of that conversation. Abuse lives in silence, and I don't want to be a part of that silence anymore. It felt like, at some point, my silence was doing nothing but creating a climate for other people to be taken advantage of.

JESUS: It's empowering for you and so many other victims to stand up and go, "Look, this happened to me. It's not only my burden." It's almost like you're releasing the burden, and we're all taking it on with you. I really respect that, and I'm glad you did that. What has the response been like?

GLASS: From my fans and other people who have reached out, it's been way more positive than I would have anticipated. I tried to stay offline and not read too much about what people think because it's easy for people to make statements when they don't know all the pieces of what's been going on for over a decade of my life. I didn't want to be influenced by strangers' perceptions. That's part of why I didn't do interviews, because I was afraid of what people would think about me. I put way too much emphasis on people's interpretations of me and what I say. That's completely draining and depressing.

In addition, Glass also talked about her upcoming debut solo album. She explained a lot of the songs from her 2017 EP will be on the as-yet-untitled LP, as well as previous collaborators.

Speaking of the forthcoming album, Glass said, "Jupiter and I collaborated on a song with Illangelo that we might use. We did a song with Dreamcrusher, who's my favorite noise-punk musician. We also went to Atticus Ross's space; he has all these cool modular synths. Part of the appeal of modular synths is that you can never replicate the sounds that you make. If you have it in the moment, you better record it because otherwise it's gone forever."

And while it's unclear when the album could see release, you can see all the dates for Alice Glass and Zola Jesus' joint tour over here. You can also read the entire Interview Magazine piece here.

As previously reported, Toronto police are actively investigating multiple sex crimes against Kath, including one against a minor. At this time, no charges have been laid against Kath.