BJ the Chicago Kid Drops 'The Lost Files: Cuffing Season' Mixtape

BJ the Chicago Kid Drops 'The Lost Files: Cuffing Season' Mixtape
After delivering In My Mind at the top of the year, BJ the Chicago Kid has gifted listeners another release in preparing to close out 2016 with mixtape The Lost Files: Cuffing Season.

Nine tracks in length, the tape comes from a hard drive that the vocalist previously thought to be lost as the result of a move. Upon digging it up, he felt it necessary to listen to the recordings to see what was there. 

"It reminded me of songs that I grew up on. Everything from Mint Condition down to Usher, to R. Kelly, to Dave Hollister. Everything. It reminded me of that feeling," he told Saint Heron. "And we had to find a way to give it you guys. I just thank God that I found this drive because we put so much time into making this music. Whether it was twelve years ago, two years ago, or one day ago, I feel like the effort and the time that we put into the music is worth being heard.

He continued: "[The Lost Files: Cuffing Season] is just attributed to everything I grew up on. It's the link, the missing link that I lost on that hard drive that I thank God I found, and I just really hope you guys enjoy it. I just want to say that real music lives forever. Timeless music."

Read through the tape's tracklisting to hear it in the player below.

The Lost Files: Cuffing Season:

1. Uncle Marvin
2. On My Way To Your Heart
3. Planet Love
4. Make Love
5. All On Me
6. Plain
7. Don't Go Looking
8. Can't Say No
9. Sweeter Everyday