BROS Are Back with Their "Theme from BROS"

Watch an animated clip for the duo's '70s cop escapade
BROS Are Back with Their 'Theme from BROS'
BROS — the side-project of Sheepdogs dudes Ewan and Shamus Currie — have returned with a new song. In fact, it's their very own theme song called "Theme from BROS."

As the Ewan explained, "'Theme from BROS' is inspired by our love of '70s cop cinema and the film scores of composers like Lalo Schifrin. The opening riff was originally conceived by Shamus as an Afro-Cuban guitar line, but really came alive when orchestrated for trombone. It's the action-packed soundtrack to the cop movie that never was."

The track comes alongside an animated video, directed by Bob Fidel. As you'll see, it features some vintage '70s cop flick vibes.

"Rob is a bud, who we met in L.A. through our good friend (and collaborator) Mat Dunlap who does all our art design work," said Ewan. "Rob is a very creative guy who is also musical and that makes all the difference when it comes to collaborating on a music-based project. We made him a big long list of ridiculous things that we could be doing in the video, but asked him to basically make us look like badasses. As far as I can tell, he damn well nailed it."

Watch the video for "Theme from BROS" below.