Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama Are Doing a Podcast

Check out the first two episodes of 'Renegades: Born in the USA'
Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama Are Doing a Podcast
Since everyone needs a podcast, Bruce Springsteen and former U.S. president Barack Obama are joining forces to give us just that.

The pair have just announced they will be getting together for a eight-episode podcast series called Renegades: Born in the USA, which will be streaming exclusively on Spotify.

Promising to take on everything from race and America to fatherhood and marriage, the podcast has now shared its first two episodes, which you can check out here.

"Last year, I sat down with my good friend Bruce Springsteen for a long and meaningful conversation that touched on so much of what we're all dealing with these days," Obama tweeted. "I'm excited to share it with you over the next few weeks."

Down below, you can watch a trailer for Renegades: Born in the USA to get an idea what to expect.

The podcast announcement follows news of Springsteen's recent drunk driving arrest, which has yet to go to court.