Career Suicide Machine Response

Career Suicide Machine Response
Toronto hardcore legends Career Suicide are back with a slamming LP titled Machine Response. Though this lineup includes current and former members of such luminescent bands as Fucked Up, Chokehold, the Sadies and Attack In Black, they're still remarkably singular in their approach. They play blisteringly fast hardcore punk, taking most of their influence from the early '80s, but while they're definitely not the first band to look back fondly on that era, Career Suicide are arguably one of the best these days.
Maybe it's the excellent balance of rawness and fidelity in their production, the indistinguishable quirk of Jonah Falco's riffs or the heavy doses of unrepentant personality served up by frontman Martin Farkas. Texturally, Farkas' vocals have a spit-furious snarl, but on songs like "Tighten The Screws" and "Total Neglect," he employs a melodic yell that's perfect for sing-alongs.
Falco's riffs, meanwhile, often employ major-sounding chords in dissonant or chromatic kinds of riffs, making for a uniquely chaotic sound that's consistently engaging. There are also a few moments of sweaty basement heaviness in the introductions of "Distractions," "Blank Expression" and "Point Of No Return." And the jaunty piano riff that builds into "Taking You With Me" is a fun little flourish.
Probably the most impressive thing about this album and this band is the fact that they've stayed so consistently good for so long. As long as their passion continues to guide them, here's to another 16 years of one of the best hardcore bands around. (Deranged)