Cass McCombs Returns with New Album 'Tip of the Sphere'

Hear the new single "Sleeping Volcanoes"
Cass McCombs Returns with New Album 'Tip of the Sphere'
Two years removed from his Mangy Love album, Cass McCombs has announced plans to deliver a follow-up effort early next year.

Titled Tip of the Sphere, the songwriter's latest will arrive February 8 through Anti-.

Eleven tracks in length, the album was engineered by Sam Owens (a.k.a. Sam Evian) and sees McCombs line up alongside Dan Horne (bass), Otto Hauser (drums) and Frank LoCrasto (piano, organ, and more), in addition to a range of guests.

Alongside the announcement, McCombs has shared the new single "Sleeping Volcanoes," which you can find alongside an album teaser below. McCombs notes the song concerns "people passing each other on the sidewalk unaware of the emotional volatility they are brushing past, like a sleeping volcano that could erupt at any moment."

Tip of the Sphere is available for pre-order here. McCombs has also mapped out some accompanying tour dates, though none will bring him to Canada at present. You can find those here.

Tip of the Sphere:

1. I Followed The River South To What
2. The Great Pixley Train Robbery
3. Estrella
4. Absentee
5. Real Life
6. Sleeping Volcanoes
7. Sidewalk Bop After Suicide
8. Prayer For Another Day
9. American Canyon Sutra
10. Tying Up Loose Ends
11. Rounder