Damien Jurado Returns with New Album

Damien Jurado Returns with New Album
The last we heard from prolific indie troubadour Damien Jurado, the Seattle resident had just delivered the free covers set Other People's Songs EP with collaborator Richard Swift, but the songwriter is getting back to his originals on his upcoming Maraqopa.

Due out February 21, the album will come via Secretly Canadian, who insist that the record "drops us into a brutal and benevolent landscape." Swift, who has recently been moonlighting in the Shins and also helped out on Jurado's 2010 effort Saint Bartlett, is onboard again as producer, and the album is said to further entwine the two musicians' lives, describing the pair as "as one another's spirit animals in American outsider songcraft." You can get an intimate look at their in-studio relationship in the video down below.

You can stream the hazy desert highway blues jam "Nothing Is The News" down below, but Maraqopa is said to bounce around stylistically, from the kids choir-driven "Life Away from the Garden" to the bossa nova-influenced "This Time Next Year." You can check the rest of the tracklisting down below and the album cover above.


1. "Nothing is the News"
2. "Life Away from the Garden"
3. "Maraqopa"
4. "This Time Next Year"
5. "Reel to Reel"
6. "Working Titles"
7. "Everyone a Star"
8. "So On, Nevada"
9. "Museum of Flight"
10. "Mountains Still Asleep"

"Nothing is the News" by Damien Jurado by DOJAGSC

Damien Jurado at National Freedom from Lance Alton Troxel on Vimeo.