Damien Jurado Teams Up with Richard Swift for Saint Bartlett

Damien Jurado Teams Up with Richard Swift for <i>Saint Bartlett</i>
Seattle, WA singer-songwriter Damien Jurado is set to release his ninth full-length, Saint Bartlett, on May 25 via longtime record label Secretly Canadian.

The label is claiming the album, Jurado's first since 2008's Caught in the Trees, features "a grandiosity yet unheard on a Damien Jurado album." From what we've heard so far, they might be spot-on.

Produced by fellow songwriter Richard Swift at his National Freedom Studio in Oregon, the album was recorded in just under a week, with Jurado and Swift providing all of the instrumentation.

The second track from the album, "Arkansas," which has quickly become a favourite in Jurado's live sets, is available for download here. Jurado is currently planning a full North American tour to support the new album. No word on whether Swift will join him on the road or if that tour will make its way to Canada.

Saint Bartlett:

1. "Cloudy Shoes"

2. "Arkansas"

3. "Rachel & Cali"

4. "Throwing Your Voice"

5. "Wallingford"

6. "Pear"

7. "Kansas City"

8. "Harborview"

9. "Kalama"

10. "The Falling Snow"

11. "Beacon Hill"

12. "With Lightning in Your Hands"