Damien Jurado to Issue 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Where Shall You Take Me?'

Damien Jurado to Issue 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Where Shall You Take Me?'
Damien Jurado has yet to announce a proper follow-up to 2012's Maraqopa, but the Seattle-based singer-songwriter will slide a reissue of his 2003 set Where Shall You Take Me? into stores next week. The 10th anniversary edition arrives on double-LP this Tuesday (May 28) via Secretly Canadian.

A press release notes that the original LP was "mostly acoustic with very sparse band arrangements" and tips its hat to Raymond Carver, Scarecrow-era John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen-circa Nebraska. The latter of which is apparently due to Jurado's lyrics on "young love...innocent fun and bloodshed."

Presented as a double-LP in a deluxe gatefold jacket, the expanded edition of Where Shall You Take Me? also features unreleased demos and Jurado's Just in Time for Something EP, which had never been pressed onto vinyl.

You can sample the heart-tugging demo version of "Omaha" down below, and that's the revamped cover art up above.

The set is also dedicated to Jurado's friend Jason Molina, the Songs:Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co. leader who passed away earlier this year.

"If it were not for Jason Molina, I may not have ended up on the Secretly Canadian record label," Jurado explained in a statement. "The guy practically twisted one arm behind my back, and with the other, walked me through the front door of where I am today. I am eternally grateful for the guidance, knowledge, influence, and inspiration he so graciously shared with me. The reissue of this album is dedicated to his life and legacy."  

Where Shall You Take Me?:


1. Amateur Night
2. Omaha
3. Abilene
4. Texas To Ohio
5. Window


6. I Can't Get Over You
7.Intoxicated Hands
8. Tether
9. Matinee
10. Bad Dreams

SIDE C (Reel to Reel Demos):

11. Abilene 
12. I Can't Get Over You
13. The Killer
14. Amateur Night
15. Omaha

  SIDE D (Just in Time for Something EP):

16. Smith 1972
17. Motion Sickness
18. Night Out For The Downer
19. Prices
20. Engine Fire