Daughter of Swords Shares Sentimental New Track "Prairie Winter Wasteland"

Daughter of Swords Shares Sentimental New Track 'Prairie Winter Wasteland'
Daughter of Swords — otherwise known as Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man — has shared a new Jeff Tweedy-produced single titled "Prairie Winter Wasteland" via Nonesuch Records.

The track, as Sauser-Monnig described in a statement, "is a reflection on the way our emotional experiences of place are shaped in powerful and mystical ways by the people we've known there. The way a certain quality of sunlight, or the call of a particular bird can conjure such specific associations, and can break your heart or lift you up. In the midst of sweltering North Carolina summer, I took a mental journey through the stark, abstract beauty of Minnesotan winter, and wrote this song that feels very much about the ways my grandmother who passed away several years ago is still present for me in the frozen blue sky and the dark bare branches of oaks and the snow blowing across frozen lakes of the upper Midwest."

Tweedy and Sauser-Monnig put the track together in Chicago at Wilco's the Loft.

"Prairie Winter Wasteland" marks her first release since her 2019 solo debut full-length record Dawnbreaker.

Listen to "Prairie Winter Wasteland" below.