Delta Will "We Were Born" on Exclaim! TV

Delta Will 'We Were Born' on Exclaim! TV
Toronto-based four-piece Delta Will are functionally a rock band, but their experimentation with psychedelia and electronic embellishments are genre-bending. They explored these sounds on their previous Transcendental Visits and It All Glows EPs, and are staying on course with a debut full-length set for release in early 2016.

Delta Will delivered an example of what to expect from this album during a recent show at Toronto's Burdock, where we captured them performing the song "We Were Born" for Exclaim! TV. The tune begins as a slow-plucked and intricately tapped-out rhythm, but soon escalates into an electric and enlivened soundscape. Experience it in the player below.

Camera by Katherine Kwan and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Sound by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Burdock, Toronto ON

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