D.O.A. "Pipeline Fever" (video)

D.O.A. 'Pipeline Fever' (video)
As we learned earlier this year, D.O.A. are very much against pipelines. Now, the political Vancouver punk crew are promoting both their ideals and their new Hard Rain Falling LP with a video for "Pipeline Fever."

The video is presented as a newscast, with D.O.A. founder/vocalist Joe "Shithead" Keithley acting as an anchorman informing us on the ills of the oil companies. The broadcast has him delivering hard truths about companies willing to do just about anything to "get their stinkin' pipelines through," and showing footage of bitumen-soaked wildlife as further proof of "oil spill grief."

You'll find D.O.A.'s message down below. The band will also be spreading the word on an upcoming North American tour. You'll find the full date details here.