Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Cannabis Paraphernalia of 2020

Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Cannabis Paraphernalia of 2020
It's been a hectic year, but the approaching holiday season will be the perfect time to just chill out. If you're looking to unwind in new, cannabis-friendly ways, these items will certainly help.

My Bud Vase artisanal repurposed bongs

All My Bud Vase bongs double as decorative ornaments, but their Artisan line doubles down on this aesthetic and features one-of-a-kind designs from all over the world.

Friendly Stranger wood tray set

The perfect way to keep your bud from spilling while you roll, this Futo-designed set includes a dark walnut wood grinder, dugout and rolling tray.

DaVinci vaporizers

DaVinci offers a wide range of vaporizers and accessories for whatever your flavour may be. Miqro is perfect for microdosing, while Ascent is built with extra battery life for those marathon seshes.

Tokyo Smoke burn kit

The papers, tray, poker and grinder card made Tokyo Smoke's burn kit plenty useful, and new editions add form to function by way of new artwork from the company's in-house design team.

Haviah Mighty rolling papers

A collab with Ziggi Papers, this limited edition release comes with 32 king-sized natural wood-pulp papers and filters and includes a collectable insert card featuring 2019 Polaris Music Prize winner Haviah Mighty.

Genius Pipe

Send cannabis to higher education with theĀ GeniusĀ Pipe. With a patented dimpled surface that passes smoke through thousands of micro-vortices, plus a cooling filtration system to prevent coughing, it's the number one choice for the modern cannabis smoker. You can get a Genius Pipe Holiday Gift Set for just $99 with the code EXCLAIM.