Fucked Up Share "Act Two" of 'Year of the Horse'

Take in the 26-minute piece
Fucked Up Share 'Act Two' of 'Year of the Horse'
After sharing the first instalment of Year of the Horse last month, Fucked Up have returned with "Year of the Horse - Act Two."

The 26-minute "Act Two" moves through myriad styles and features guest vocals from Tuka Mohammed, Eidolon and Maegan Brooks Mills. Released credits, which the band have made available here, also point to members Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco playing vibraphone, synths and trumpet.

Year of the Horse marks Fucked Up's first Zodiac series release since 2017's Year of the Snake. February's "Act One" was dedicated to Iron Age guitarist Wade Allison and Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale, the Texas thrash metal artists who passed away weeks apart last year.

"Year of the Horse - Act Two" is available to stream and purchase below.

Last year, Fucked Up released two live albums: Rivoli and Live at CBGB's. Their most recent full-length remains 2018's Dose Your Dreams.