He Ain't Pretty, He's Kid 606

He Ain't Pretty, He's <b>Kid 606</b>
For as long as he can remember, Miguel Depedro (aka Kid 606) has been an outcast. The technoist's mistrust of musical scenes reaches back to his youth in Southern California, where he never quite felt comfortable amidst the rockers and the punks. An avowed social pariah, Depedro claims there's two possible ways for a misfit's musical career to evolve.

"One way would be to make this otherwordly music that transcends your mortal weakness," he says. "Or on the other hand, you can say, ‘My music's going to be a fucking diary, and it's not going to be the prettiest thing you ever hear, but it's who I am.' That's what I've chosen to do."

Since he stormed atop the indie charts with 1998's Don't Sweat the Technics, the 24-year old Kid has proven himself the laptop community's only true rebel, a brat hell-bent on blowing the glitch movement to smithereens. Depedro likes to think of himself as sceneless, an artist who refuses to be tethered to one particular school of sound. As such, his new full-length (Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You) plays like an overview of his short but distinguished career, veering from the hyperkinetic gabber feel of "The Illness" though the apocalyptic dancehall stylings of "Buckle Up" to the shapeshifting ambience of "Parenthood." Coming in the wake of last year's bastard-pop effort, The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You The Fucking Jams, the Kid's latest leaves no doubt that he's no mere bootlegger, but rather one of the finest producers of his era.

"Over the last year, I realised nobody has a clue whether I'm a bootleg artist, an ambient artist or a hardcore artist," he explains. "I wanted this album to be definitive so I can move the fuck on to something else, something new. I can't wait to see what I do next."