Head Wound City "Born to Burn" (video)

Head Wound City 'Born to Burn' (video)
Time was well before YouTube or even DVD players that folks used to watch clunky VHS tapes full of their favourite music videos. Head Wound City are taking a retro route with their latest video, "Born to Burn," but don't think they're into sentimental nostalgia. Like anything off of their A New Wave of Violence release, it's destructive as all hell.

The video begins with a mysterious figure sliding a black video cassette into a jank, junkyard JVC TV/VCR hybrid. Live footage of Head Wound City quickly cues itself up, with the band thrashing and mangling their bodies across a concert stage. The video really starts cooking once a match and some lighter fluid enter the scenario.

You can catch the flame-licked visuals below, courtesy of Noisey.