Hip-hop and R&B artist ILOVEMAKONNEN has kept busy the past few years; following his coming out via Twitter, the collaboration with the late Lil Peep, and his departure from the OVO label, it seems the MAKONNEN has been making moves. Coming as the first release with Warner Music, Makonnen's latest EP, M3, finds the artist turning towards a more pop-oriented sound.
After a slew of other EPs and mixtapes, MAKONNEN's sound has bounced between brazen trap and hip-hop to more off-kilter pop songs. With M3, his knack for pop and R&B tunes shines through. With his classic falsetto laid over synth and trap beats, MAKONNEN is crafting songs that feels more authentic and distinguishable than his previous work.
Pop is a genre in which he seems to excel: his melodies are unique, and his leftfield vocals set his style apart from the crowd; "Liquid Supply Daily" and "I'm Not Ok" are great examples. With that being said, the tracks where MAKONNEN leans toward a more trap sound tend to be his most generic and dismissible. While his track with Gucci Mane, "Spendin," is definitely a banger, his single "Shoot Shoot" seems a tad forced.
MAKONNEN's affinity for pop songs is undeniably his main selling point. While M3 showcases his abilities, it feels as though he still needs to find his own individual sound. (Warner)