Ja Rule Is Searching for Banksy

Ja Rule Is Searching for Banksy
Celebs and social media have a strange relationship. Certainly, there are few things as fun as an unfiltered famous person tweeting their every thought, but eventually weird celebrity Twitter is overtaken by a nefarious marketing company. Fortunately, rapper and Fyre Fest advocate Ja Rule still seems to be in that sweet spot where his clueless tweets are truly coming from the heart.

Last month, for example, Ja Rule confused the terms "socialism" and "socializing," accidentally making a poignant observation about all of the rose emoji accounts that get off on making "praxis" puns and sharing Marxist memes:
It appears that Ja Rule is not done with his critique of contemporary society, however. Instead, the "Down Ass Bitch" performer has expressed a desire to work with everyone's favourite culture jammer (and dorm room art designer) Banksy.

Ja Rule's desire to hash it out with the Banks-man has already gone viral with people like Danny Brown even having a laugh about it:

Someone tell Ja Rule all he has to do is get in touch with Massive Attack.