​Jennifer Castle and the Weather Station Unveil "Midas Touch" Collaboration

​Jennifer Castle and the Weather Station Unveil 'Midas Touch' Collaboration
Jennifer Castle and the Weather Station have teamed up to release a new single called "Midas Touch."
The pair of Canadian singer-songwriters are currently on tour together, but their collaborative relationship extended into the studio for one day at the Sugar Shack in London. The project was a part of the Polaris Collaboration Sessions.
"I came to the project via Tam, and it seemed like a really rare opportunity to go into the studio and have that resource provided for us," Castle said in a statement. "So I think we both kind of jumped on it on that level. I feel grateful for a day in the studio today and an opportunity to do something we wouldn't be able to 'afford' to try."
The Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman added, "I've looked up to Jennifer for a long time and she's been a songwriting and singing hero of mine for probably forever. I thought it would be cool to see inside of her process and learn something. It's actually been really cool as we're more similar than I thought. I see her doing things, and it all makes sense to me, and I understand her music better."
Listen to the results of their collaboration below.

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