Jerusalem in My Heart Return with New Album for Constellation

Jerusalem in My Heart Return with New Album for Constellation
Following Jerusalem in My Heart's recent full album collaboration with Suuns, the Montreal-based project has announced an LP release of its own is on the way. Evocatively titled If He Dies, If If If If If If, the record arrives September 4 via Constellation Records.

The new record acts as the proper follow-up to 2013's Mo7it Al-Mo7it, and a press release explains that it finds musical leader Radwan Ghazi Moumneh further "exploring new deconstructions and juxtapositions of both traditional and popular Arab musical currents."

The eight-song cycle was produced over the last two years and features "powerfully emotive vocal tunes" and tracks that flex Moumneh's buzuk skills. The record's "A Granular Buzuk" also has him deconstructing the instrument by processing and sampling it in realtime. Elsewhere, bansuri flute is performed by Dave Gossage, while other aural accompaniment includes "the sound of waves recorded on a beach in Lebanon."

If He Dies, If If If If If If also marks the first release from Jerusalem in My Heart as the core duo of Moumneh and Charles-André Coderre, the latter supplying 16mm visuals and live projections/installations to the project. He also designed the album cover, which you can see up above.

You'll find a teaser from the audio-visual duo down below.

Jerusalem in My Heart have several dates lined up with summer with Suuns, and you can see all those here.

If He Dies, If If If If If If:

1. Al Affaq, Lau Mat, Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau 
(The Hypocrite, If He Dies, If If If If If If)

2. A Granular Buzuk

3. 7ebr El 3oyoun (Ink From The Eyes)

4. Qala Li Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa

(To Me He Said Enough Enough Enough Enough Enough Enough)

5. Lau Ridyou Bil Hijaz (What If The Hijaz Was Enough?)

6. Ta3mani; Ta3meitu (He Fed Me; I Fed Him)

7. Ah Ya Mal El Sham (Oh The Money of Syria)

8. 2asmar Sa7ar (The Brown One Cast A Spell)