José González Bigfoot Stage, George WA, May 24

José González Bigfoot Stage, George WA, May 24
Photo: Kim Jay
José González sauntered onto stage so casually, during sunset that the audience almost didn't notice he was on stage. Opening the show solo, only the soft tones of his nylon guitar strings finally alerted the audience to his presence. For the second song of the set, González welcomed his four-piece backing band and they broke into a cover of Arthur Russell's "This is How We Walk on the Moon."
The set time for González was perfect. His solo classical guitar and melodic voice complemented the cotton candy sunset sky perfectly and created an almost magical atmosphere for his music. The audience, sunburnt and weary after a scorching hot afternoon, welcomed the slower pace.
González's trademark sound and voice often make some songs blend together, but his performance never got undecipherable. The tracks "Promise Down the Line," from the 2007 album In Our Nature, and his cover of the Knife's "Heartbeats" from his 2003 record Veneer were definitely audience favourites.
Well timed and expertly executed, González showed that even after a seven-year solo recording hiatus, his sound still carries widespread appeal.