Local Natives "Ceilings" on Exclaim! TV

Local Natives 'Ceilings' on Exclaim! TV
Back in late-January, L.A. folk-rockers Local Natives released their sophomore album Hummingbird, a stripped down and minimalist record that managed to scale back the joyous handclaps and gang vocals of their critically-acclaimed debut, while retaining the band's distinctively smooth stylings.

For this episode of Exclaim! TV, we caught up with the Silver Lake quintet to hear a spot-on rendition of "Ceilings," the third track from their most recent effort. Watch as guitarists Taylor Rice and Ryan Hahn share fluttering guitar duals over Kelcey Ayer's atmospheric and kinetic keyboard lines during sound check at Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Local Natives are currently on a world tour until late November. Until their return, watch "Ceilings" below live on Exclaim! TV.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan & Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan