Lower Dens "Company" / "Société Anonyme" (live lyric video)

Lower Dens 'Company' / 'Société Anonyme' (live lyric video)
Lower Dens are going to be hitting the road with Unknown Mortal Orchestra before long, and the Baltimore indie pop band have given a taste of what we can expect by sharing a live lyric video combining the songs "Company" and "Société Anonyme."

These tunes both come from this year's Escape from Evil, and they're both punchy and upbeat, with "Company" highlighting swirling distortion and "Société Anonyme" emphasizing peppy jangle. The visuals consist of black and white footage of the band performing an intimate show in an art space. The joint clip was directed by Erik Barnes.

Singer Jana Hunter said this in a statement:

All four members of our band, Lower Dens, have played music in some form or another most of our lives. Touring this album, Escape From Evil, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the response from the audience to these shows. It has been very much unlike any of our previous experiences playing live music. It became extremely important to me that we find a way of documenting this. What we got is a little more subdued than a show without video cameras, but perfect as a document of the band's performance, and that was the most important thing. We're presenting here two songs that we've been playing back to back at recent shows, 'Company' and 'Société Anonyme,' both of which contain some of the lyrics of which I'm most proud. Both of these songs deal with living in society that's all artifice, wherein we're all monitored and kept numb, and for whatever these always end up being two of the most intense songs of each show. I'm very grateful to our label and everybody else who worked on this video, to the Pehrspace audience, and to my band, who I'm very lucky to play music with most days lately. Lastly, thank you and I hope you enjoy our little film.

Check it out below. A free MP3 of the live recording is available here. See the band's tour schedule with UMO right here.