Marina and the Diamonds 'Froot' (album stream)

Marina and the Diamonds 'Froot' (album stream)
Marina Diamandis returns as Marina and the Diamonds, with her latest LP Froot due out next week. But you can listen to the new album in its entirety right here at Exclaim! a week early.
Froot follows Diamandis' debut effort as alter-ego musical project Electra Heart, which was titled The Family Jewels and presented a "complex, knotted concept record about female identity, love, youth and society."
On Froot, she returns to something more herself. In a statement from a press release, she expressed relief to be reclaiming her own name and person, saying: "I was really grateful for the experiences and opportunities that Electra Heart gave me, but I will never do it again. It was very early on that I understood that."
The new record delivers "disco grooves, dreamy vocal hooks and an effervescent sass," as we've already heard on tracks like "I'm a Ruin" and "Immortal." Album cut "Better Than That" veers off into the realm of funk, while opener "Obsessions" shows off a more tender side.
It's a collection of songs woven together by Diamandis' newfound voice of creative independence. "In the past because I was new and I was someone who really needed praise, I very much listened to other people, perhaps when I shouldn't have," she said. "So because of that, on Froot, I wanted to write the entire record alone. I think one of the biggest challenges was saying what I wanted to do for once. Whoever you are as an artist, you have to know who you are so that you can do what you want to do... so that no one's going to tell you what your identity is."
You can hear her proudly redeclare herself as Marina and the Diamonds by giving Froot an advanced listen below. It officially arrives on March 16 via Warner Bros. Records.