Mark Ronson Recalls Kicking Dave Grohl Out of His Studio

The Foo frontman was messing up Josh Homme's vibes during recording sessions for 'Villains'
Mark Ronson Recalls Kicking Dave Grohl Out of His Studio
Prolific producer Mark Ronson once had to boot Dave Grohl from his studio during a Queens of the Stone Age recording session for messing up the vibes.

Speaking with Apple Music's Zane Lowe about his new docuseries Watch the Sound, Ronson recalled a story about having to kick the Foo Fighters frontman out during one of Josh Homme's vocal sessions for Villains.

"He reminded me of how I kicked him out of the studio when he came one time in to crash a [Queens of the Stone Age] session," Ronson said [via Uproxx]. "It was the first time we were doing vocals and I was like, 'Dave Grohl, rock legend, get the fuck out of here.'"

Ronson continued: "Because it was like the first day we were doing vocals and Josh was like really in a rhythm and it like hit something, and I'm such a fan of Foo Fighters, Nirvana. It was not pleasant to have to ask Dave Grohl nicely to leave the session."

When Lowe asked Ronson to elaborate on the reason Grohl was booted, the producer responded: "I think we were doing maybe 'Villains' or 'Fortress,' a very personal song on the record. And it was the first time Josh had really found that emotional place to get to, to sing that record. We had tried it a few times and I think Dave and Alison Mosshart were maybe next door getting jolly and just came in like, 'What's up everybody?' And I was like… That's why."

The interaction must not have put a permanent damper on the pair's relationship, as Ronson and Grohl just released a collaborative song earlier this summer. Hear a Ronson redo of Foo Fighters' Medicine at Midnight song "Making a Fire" — which also features Grohl's own daughter — here.