Minimal Violence "MVX" / "U41A"

Minimal Violence 'MVX' / 'U41A'
Sacred Sound Club mainstays Ashlee Lúk and Lida Pawliuk sure hit the ground running with their Minimal Violence project. Having been selected for the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp, the Vancouver duo have already been released by such trendy imprints as Lobster Theremin and 1080p, and their latest single is their first for Ninja Tune sublabel Technicolour. "MVX" / "U41A" feels right at home alongside releases from labelmates Peggy Gou and Legowelt.
Drawing on Lúk's experience with political post-punker lié, this single drops two wonderful examples of no-bullshit DIY inventiveness through limitation. "MVX" is built around the first two pieces of gear they owned, the Roland Juno-60 polyphonic synth and TR-606 drum machine, and its sound harkens back the glory days of early '90s industrial techno. B-side "U41A" has a more off-kilter feel, as the girls pushed the limits of their Roland JV-1080, running multiple sequences of stuttering percussion and post-apocalyptic melodic elements all layered together.
Together, they bode well for the as-yet unannounced full-length we all hope to see on Technicolour. (Technicolour / Ninja Tune)