New Species of Aquatic Spider Named After Bob Marley

New Species of Aquatic Spider Named After Bob Marley
In the wake of a blood-sucking crustacean being named in honour of Bob Marley back in 2012, scientists have now named a new species of aquatic spider after the reggae legend.

The intertidal species of spider was named Desis bobmarleyi by a group of Australian scientists, who were inspired by Marley and Wailers' song "High Tide or Low Tide." The song's title served as a perfect explanation of the species' preferred habitat.

"The known species hide away in barnacle shells, corals or the holdfasts of kelp during high tide where they build air chambers from silk, but are vagrant hunters of other invertebrates during low tide and typically collected from the surface of intertidal rocks, corals, debris or plants," author Barbara Baehr wrote in a study paper.

The spider was initially discovered in January 2009, along the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Male specimens measured six millimetres in length, while females measure nine millimetres.

You can read the complete study here

This year also saw new animal species named after Rush, Radiohead and Pink Floyd.