The Offspring "Coming for You" (video)

The Offspring 'Coming for You' (video)
Coulrophobics beware: the Offspring have stocked the punchy video behind their "Coming for You" with a rather sketchy collection of grease painted-slathered clowns. If you're not one for the Big Top, the violent video will probably give you nightmares.

Scored by the Offspring's glam-leaning anthem, the video takes place at a rundown, underground locale that pits pugilist Pennywises against one another. Faygo-slammin' funhouse escapees, fright wig-adorned crazies and a kung fu mime are all shown doling out Three Stooges-inspired moves in the melee.

It's funny, but you may not think it's "ha ha" funny. Either way, the joker throwdown can be found below.