Oiseaux-Tempête 'Re-Works' (album stream)

Oiseaux-Tempête 'Re-Works' (album stream)
Paris-based trio Oiseaux-Tempête (namely Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul and Ben McConnell) released their self-titled debut album in 2013, care of famed Brussels-based experimental label Sub Rosa. Now, the eponymous album is receiving the remix treatment, with some cool names giving their take on the trio's atmospheric post-rock compositions, including such artists as Justin Small (Do Make Say Think), AUN, Saåad, Scanner, Leopard of Honour, Machinefabriek, May Roosevelt and Colin Johnco.

The compilation, unsurprisingly titled Re-Works, was mastered at Le Laboratoire Central in Brussels, and features artwork by Iam Sailor and Brian Cougar. It will be released on limited-edition red or blue splattered vinyl on April 28 by Sub Rosa in conjunction with Balades Sonores, but Exclaim! readers can enjoy the premiere of the complete album stream right now, below.

Before forming Oiseaux-Tempête in 2012, Oberland and Pigneul had previously worked together as part of FareWell Poetry and Le Réveil des Tropiques, while percussionist Ben McConnell drummed on albums by Beach House, Au Revoir Simone, and Marissa Nadler, among others. Their atmospheric post-rock style comes with some political leanings, as their debut album was heavily influenced by the images and field recordings of one Stéphane C., who "documented the existential conflicts brought on by the political and economic turmoil in Greece, resulting an emotionally charged vision and eliciting visceral response to the floundering failures of the dysfunctional West."

In no big surprise then that Oiseaux-Tempête easily invite comparison to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. As such, Oiseaux-Tempête is essential listening for GY!BE fans, and the breadth and quality of these remixes is telling of the vision that inspired the originals.

Check it all out below.