Parkway Drive Jagermeister Stage, Montebello QC, June 23

Parkway Drive Jagermeister Stage, Montebello QC, June 23
Photo: Chris Bubinas
As Australian metalcore crew Parkway Drive hit the stage, the crowd exploded with excitement. Opening with the anthemic track "Wild Eyes," the entire crowd began singing along with the infectiously excitable band before breaking into a mess of muddy bodies colliding together.
Singer Winston McCall continuously hyped up the crowd, calling for people to sing louder, jump around and mosh hard, despite the massive pools of mud that had formed by this time in the day. Lead single "Vice Grips," from their latest record Ire, got the crowd moving, but even the people who were less inclined to crowd surf still managed to show their diehard love for the band, as it seemed nearly everyone in attendance knew all of the lyrics to the track.
The band readied the mass of people for the lightning fast "Karma" by demanding the entire crowd to form a circle pit, but given the state of the venue, the audience were cautious at first. The group stopped and restarted the song, now with everyone accepting the filth they were in and barbarically slinging each other through the muddy field.
Parkway Drive were locked in perfectly with each other, except for the few moments when McCall seemed to be having too much fun to scream, and opted to simply speak the words or let the audience do the work for him. It was clear by the end of their performance that the Montebello crowd had been anticipating the band's set all day, and they received a show that was worth every moment's wait.