Prince Innocence Team with Joel Ford for "Angelyne"

Take in the Toronto duo's danceable new single now
Prince Innocence Team with Joel Ford for 'Angelyne'
Prince Innocence have returned with their second single of 2020. Following "Sadie & Maud," the Toronto duo have shared "Angelyne," which you can hear below.

"Angelyne" was co-written and recorded with Joel Ford, and is the second single from a larger collection of tracks the duo of Talvi Faustmann and Josh McIntyre recorded at the Ford & Lopatin producer's Los Angeles home studio in 2019. 

"Before I named it 'Angelyne,' the song always sounded pink to me," Faustmann tells Exclaim! of the track, which finds wavy synths, steady drum programming and an intermittent synth bass underscoring her lyrics "about a kind of detached longing for connection," before a lean into piano house brings it all home. 

In reference to the single's title, Faustmann explains further, "I picture it being sung from a figure stuck on a billboard unable to connect with the people walking below her."

Angelyne is an American artist, actor and model who came to prominence in 1984 after appearing on a series of billboards around Los Angeles, bearing only her name and photograph. Born Ronia Tamar Goldberg, her identity did not become public knowledge until 2017.

"I've been obsessed with Angelyne for a while now," Faustmann says. "She took her fame and objectification into her own hands with the billboards. She was like a pre-Internet social media star because that's what we all do now.  We produce and sell ourselves, often with nothing to sell. There's a subversiveness to deciding to make yourself a star without gatekeepers and producers. I think millennials especially connect to that urge."

"Angelyne" can also be found on the Eh! List, Exclaim!'s list of the best new songs from Canadian artists, updated every Friday. Follow along through Spotify for weekly updates here

Prince Innocence released the five-track Blue Star EP in 2019. Earlier this year, McIntyre made his solo debut as Prince Josh with The Joy. Faustmann appeared on Harrison's Apricity album in 2018, and has recently teased the arrival of solo material.