P'tit Belliveau Releases Baptiste Comeau Covers EP

Listen to '... chante Baptiste' in full courtesy of Bonsound
P'tit Belliveau Releases Baptiste Comeau Covers EP
P'tit Belliveau — a.k.a. Acadian musician Jonah Guimond — has released a new EP of Baptiste Comeau covers titled ... chante Baptiste today through Bonsound.

After discovering the cult country singer as a kid listening to community radio station 104.1 CIFA, Comeau became a prime vessel for inspiration and an obvious subject for Guimond's reinterpretation on ... chante Baptiste. Recorded at home during lockdown, the seven-track EP aims to bring the music of Comeau to new audiences "in the hopes that Baptiste is never forgotten."

Guimond explained:

I don't hide the fact that for me Baptiste is a big influence, even if he is not very well known. My goal was not so much to redo the songs in my own way. I wanted to introduce them to people who don't know them, preserving the vibe as much as possible, but with more instruments. For sure, by doing that, it became a lot more "me."

The EP is available on all streaming platforms and to purchase on cassette as of today. The record follows the release of P'tit Belliveau's 2020 album, Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

Listen to ... chante Baptiste in full below, and watch the accompanying videos for all of the record's covers here