Q-Tip Talks New Album, Drake Beat and Multilingualism

Q-Tip Talks New Album, Drake Beat and Multilingualism
The last time we heard from Q-Tip he was beefing with the makers of Beats, Rhymes and Life, a documentary about his former hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Apparently, he was unhappy with the finished product, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January. While he may still be a bit mad about the movie, the rapper is pleased to announce that he will soon be focusing on finishing up his fourth proper solo album.

An interview with EW confirms that recording sessions for the Abstract's next record, titled The Last Zulu, will begin in February. While not much has been revealed about the record, the Native Tongues alum insists the album will speak to his fans.

"I feel like my fans have been so gracious over the years," Q-Tip said. "They're so smart that I want to extend the grace back to them and speak to them in their tongues."

Does this mean the hip-hopper's next set will be multilingual? "I'm going to have to brush up," he hinted of that possibility.

While Q-Tip came to fame with his smooth, jazz-sampling group A Tribe Called Quest, The Last Zulu will apparently attempt to tackle the sounds of his hip-hop forefathers.

"It's going to take us back to the days of when it was break beats," he said of the album's direction. "When [Grandmaster] Flash and [Afrika] Bambaataa was throwing on them hard beats. It's going to have a lot of that energy, and it's going to feel really big and anthemic. It's going to be unlike anything I've done before."

While he's been busy prepping his own joint, the MC also managed to whip up a beat for Canadian sensation Drake. Concrete info on this particular track has yet to appear, but the Abstract says that the song will appear on Drizzy Drake's upcoming sophomore set.

"He told me it's incredible," said Q-Tip, though he has yet to hear the finished track. "I'm going to take his word for it."