'R' 'Exclaim! Mix 05'

'R' 'Exclaim! Mix 05'
You might know Andre Edwards-Roderique as Sylvermayne, one half of Èbony, his latest project 'R,' or just that big, friendly presence on Toronto's dance floors. As 'R,' he gave us a superb slice of soulful/industrial tracks via the Man of War EP on Opal Tapes last year. More recently, his contribution to Forth's Vol. 1 stands out as one of the compilation's best moments.

For Exclaim! Mix 05, Edwards-Roderique has gone above and beyond — and very deep below the surface — to deliver a whopping two hours of pitch-black tracks.

It starts with what sounds like a dank submarine captained by Roc Marciano and eventually dives into dark techno waters — but not before first navigating through grisly East Coast hip-hop. As artists like Pusha T give way to the likes of Claro Intelecto, there's an oddly satisfying blend of IDM and hip-hop at play.

At first glance, the mix seems like a proper display of pounding techno (and it does have plenty of that), but there's actually a wide berth here: you've got Citizen Boy's sounds of South Africa, UK Grime by Skepta, and off-kilter poetics from Moor Mother. In addition, 'R' reps an assortment of local talent too, such as E-Saggila, Joel Eel and Basic Soul Unit.

"This mix is comprised of tracks that I've been feeling as of late, and sounds that resonate with my headspace," says Edwards-Roderique. "In life there will be people who lift you up and others that will try and hold you down or climb over you, and this mix is sort of a message saying 'Move forward impossibly, and when the arms reach up from the earth to prevent your flight, scream back at them with fire and ash.'"

Hear the entire mix for yourself below.

Exclaim! Mix 05:

1. Intro
2. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - "In New Guinea Police Don't Have The Petrol Money To Search For The Witch Murderers" (Hospital Productions)
3. Roc Marciano - "Snow" (Fat Beats)
4. Conway The Machine - "Salute me" (Daupe!)
5. Planet Asia ft. Washeyi Choir - "Dirty Planet" (Gold Chain Music)
6. E-Saggila - "In the Snake" (Opal Tapes)
7. Moor Mother - "Creation Myth" (Don Giovanni Records)
8. Sir Spyro - "Side By Side [Gundam Refix]" (GUNDAM002)
9. Pusha T ft. Kanye West & Young Jeezy – "Amen [Hud Mo RMX]"
10. Claro Intelecto - "Eye Spy" (Delsin Records)
11. Simo Cell - "How Do You Turn This On" (Livity Sound)
12. Adam Freeland - "We Want Your Soul" [C UNiT Remix]
13. C UNiT - "MK Ultra"
14. TLC Fam - "Isthakazelo_saResto" (GQOM OH!)
15. Citizen Boy - "Dineo" (GQOM OH!)
16. Compa - Tibetan Chant (Deep Medi)
17. Skepta - "That's Not Me" (Zha remix)
18. Cocktail Party Effect - OOYFM (Cold Recordings)
19. Batu - "Whisper" (Timedance)
20. 'R' - ???
21. Nuel - "The Scratch" (Semantica Records)
22. South London Ordnance - "Parallel Window" (Parachute)
23. PHON.O - "CLU5T3R" (Cold Recordings)
24. Paul Woolford - "Rsquake487vl*dub3"
25. Joel Eel - "Very Good Person" ['R' Remix]  
26. Hodge - Renegades (Livity Sound)
27. Cadans - "1 Bar FU" (Clone)
28. Noncompliant - More Howl, More Keening (Valence)
29. 'R' - ???
30. Basic Soul Unit - "Propulses" (Lab.our)
31. Tessela - "Headland" (Poly Kicks)
32. 'R' - "WEIGHT" (Forth Records)
33. Marco Bailey - "Icefyre" (Materia)
34. Ténèbre - "Return at Point Zero" (Ténèbre Audio)
35. Rvde - "French Spring Rave" (Pls.UK)
36. UK Gold - "Arise" [DJ Rush Remix] (Primevil)
37. Andreas Kremer - "Leuchtfeuer" (Lifeform Recordings)
38. Peaky Pounder - "Tumma" (The Third Movement)
39. Bioscope Man - "Rikterskale" (Electracom)
40. E-Saggila - "Lux Campaign" (Opal Tapes)
41. Outro