Ron Sexsmith Delivers Acoustic Performance of "You Don't Wanna Hear It"

It's the first instalment of the artist's "Hermitage Sessions"
Ron Sexsmith Delivers Acoustic Performance of 'You Don't Wanna Hear It'
Ron Sexsmith has shared plans for a new live acoustic film project titled "The Hermitage Sessions." The first instalment of the project arrives today in the form of a video of the artist performing his recent single "You Don't Wanna Hear It" inside his home. 

The Mitch Fillion-created video sees Sexsmith performing the track in his living room in Stratford, ON, giving an inside look at where the songs on his forthcoming HERMITAGE record were written and recorded.

In a statement, Sexsmith elaborated on his recording process:

The funny thing about this record is that we did all the bed tracks here in this house, which was my friend Don Kerr's idea. For about a week, the house was turned upside-down. The drums were up in this room, I was down in the other room playing piano, cables everywhere. And it was kind of like when the Stones set up in France, for Exile on Main St., except without all the debauchery. But it was like turning this house upside-down and making it a studio, I didn't even know you could do that. I knew that people had done that, but I didn't know that you could do that here. And I was pretty amazed at how well it sounded acoustically.

Watch the "You Don't Wanna Hear It" performance video below.

HERMITAGE arrives April 17 via Warner Music Canada. Sexsmith will tour in support of the record for the month of May. See those dates here.