Alan Vega's 'IT' Gets Posthumous Release

Alan Vega's 'IT' Gets Posthumous Release
As Henry Rollins promised, Alan Vega finished work on an album titled IT before his death last summer, and now details of its upcoming release have been announced.
The record is due out July 14 via the FADER Label. In addition to the digital version, it will be treated to a 2-LP vinyl release, complete with unpublished drawings, writings and photos by Vega. A limited number of LPs on transparent orange vinyl will also be made available exclusively through independent retailers.
Digital copies are currently up for pre-order here, while vinyl copies can be pre-ordered here via Amazon.
The Suicide frontman wrote and produced the album with his wife and collaborator Liz Lamere, starting in 2010 and working on it up until his death in July of last year. Sounds and messages throughout the record were apparently inspired by Vega's practice of "religiously consuming global news and taking frequent late-night walks alone throughout the streets of downtown New York."
The record stands as a testament to Vega's worldview — embracing both the dark, nihilistic attributes of the world, but also allowing for "a sense of hope and a place for dreams to become reality."
Despite physical setbacks over the years, including head trauma as a result of a mugging and a stroke in 2012, Vega never shelved the project, seeing it through to completion.
"Alan's life force was so strong because he believed in his vision and purpose," Lamere said in a statement. "He understood we can't control much of what happens to us, or in our world, but we have free will and the power to go on and stand for what we believe in."
The full nine-song tracklisting can be found below, and album opener "DTM" (standing in for "Dead to Me") can be streamed right beyond that.
1. DTM
2. Dukes God Bar
3. Vision
4. IT
5. Screamin Jesus
6. Motorcycle Explodes
7. Prayer
8. Prophecy
9. Stars