Tom Wilson Dog Years

Ex Junkhouse front-man and Blackie & the Rodeo Kings member along with Colin Linden and Stephen Fearing, songwriter Tom Wilson returns with a follow up to his lo-fi acoustic masterpiece with Bob Lanois last year (The Shack Recordings). Produced by Linden and recorded in Nashville, Wilson uses his friend’s Music City connections to produce his most dynamic, heartfelt and polished record of his songwriting career. While Dog Years turns up the amps a little from the sleepy-eyed songs of the Shack sessions, the songs are mainly folk rock with a tinge of country. Ten new Wilson originals feature his trademark baritone and captivating voice, backed by a cast of accomplished session players that includes Garry Tallent (E Street Band), Bob Babbit (Funk Brothers), Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed) and Richard Bell (the Band, Janis Joplin), with the strongest number being a duet with Rosanne Cash ("Talk of the Town”). "Romeo’s Barbershop” is a haunting and gorgeous ballad that speaks of the roads Wilson has travelled. "Dreamland” closes the disc as the perfect bookend to this refreshing recording from one of Canada’s more gifted songsmiths. (True North)