Trippie Redd A Love Letter to You 3

Trippie Redd A Love Letter to You 3
Canton, OH's Trippie Redd releases the latest instalment of the mixtape series, which precipitated his rise to success little over a year ago. The now-19-year-old's A Love Letter to You 3 is an amalgam of the trends that made him famous — his crooning rock-rap that blends singing and rapping, and odd hangers-on like trap and R&B influences.
The connection between these 16 tracks, from "Topanga" to "Camp Fire Tale," is the solid performance given by Trip. He doesn't do the shouty "big 14," instead showing off amazing vocals and one of the best ranges in the game right now. He can also rap like it's nobody's business when he wants to.
Tonally, the album is summed up on the Juice WRLD featured "1400/999 Freestyle," in lines like "Slick back, lil' bitch, like a Perc / She on the dick, do the worm / Can't take the dick, she gon' squirt." Trippie talks about sex and how much he's having, and sometimes his oh-so-broken heart.
The chief flaw is that the beats aren't cohesive. Early songs have a weird, high-pitched disembodied voice along with Redd, and trapped-out, spacey beats. Others are R&B in the tinsel sound, the quick-paced rhythmic repetition, while the last song is just a guitar with an owl hooting in the background. It just doesn't really mesh — no rhyme nor reason as they say. (Independent)